All first year engineering students at Queen’s University enroll in a 12-week team design project as part of the Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS). This course provides the fundamental design, professional and laboratory skills required for the engineering profession. APSC 103 – Engineering Design Team Project – presents students with the opportunity to develop information literacy, leadership, teamwork, communication and project management skills through an open-ended engineering design project.

For the past ten years, we have worked with local community groups to offer real-world design projects. Guidance from an upper year engineering student, in the role of a Project Manager, and a Faculty Advisor are both provided in order to ensure students, working in teams of five, are encouraged to find their own engineering design solutions. Community projects encourage students to understand the use of engineering design in their society. Students have shown interest in local projects as they are able to see the problem and speak with those involved to better understand the various aspects of the problem. We welcome community groups to collaborate with us in helping train future engineers. Community partners benefit from the time, dedication, and ability of bright, young, engineers-in training. In turn, students benefit from the opportunity to develop their problem-solving, communication and design skills, while allowing them to help our community.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, please see this poster (PDF, 282 KB). You can also print and post it up in your workplace.

For more information on forming a partnership with Queen’s first year engineering students, please see this informational summary on the Queen’s Engineering Community Partnership (PDF, 173 KB).

Group shot of project teams
Teams of Queen’s first year engineering students with their client, faculty advisor, and project manager.