APSC 102 Coordinator: 

The experimentation module (APSC 102) introduces quantitative experimental design and analysis using a progressive approach in 12 weekly 3-hour sessions. Four tutorial labs introduce collection, analysis and reporting of data and develop a systematic approach to experimental design for a very simple spring constant lab.  The six “core” labs then illustrate the structure of well-designed experiments using a variety of measuring instruments and allowing the student to improve their data analysis and technical report writing skills. The final component is a 2-week project where students design and complete their own laboratory experiment.

The focus of this module is on the development of basic laboratory skills and the critical evaluation of results, with emphasis on knowledge of measurement techniques, data management, and error analysis. It provides instruction and hands-on experience in designing experiments, developing formal report writing skills, and reinforcing basic physics and chemistry concepts.

For information about the schedule and grading, please see the APSC 102 Queen’s onq webpage.

Email questions or concerns about APSC 102 to apsc100.m1m3@queensu.ca

students in lab
students in lab