APSC-100 Engineering Practice I

The first year of the design spine experience is built on a design and professional skills course that was originally developed as part of the faculty’s push for integrated learning in the late 1990’s. The course was developed to promote a sense of curiosity about engineering, and to facilitate creative thought through various projects and teamwork. The course is divided into the following three modules:

  • Module 1: Problem analysis and modeling
  • Module 2: Experimentation and measurement
  • Module 3: Engineering design.

Each of these modules is one semester long and equivalent in weight to a standard one-semester engineering course.

Module 1Problem Analysis and ModelingFall semester
Module 2Experimentation and MeasurementFall  semester
Module 3Engineering DesignWinter semester

More details of this course are available on the APSC-100 website, and in published papers listed on Dr. Brian Frank’s page.

students working on project