APSC 480 is a multidisciplinary industry-partnered two-term capstone design experience that provides engineering students with the challenge of an immersive real-world engineering project in partnership with an industry client.  Teams are supported by industry-experienced faculty supervisors and corporate mentors, fostering an invaluable learning opportunity to develop the array of design, professional, technical, project management, and critical thinking skills that support a broad career path. Projects are well funded, accommodating team travel as well as the purchase of parts, equipment, and services required to fulfill the project. Corporate partners span startups to multinationals with companies such as Bombardier, Cardinal Health, Northland Power, Spearhead Breweries, Hanon Systems, Hatch, Tim Hortons, Quinte Conservation, and Lafarge. APSC 480 fulfills the capstone design course requirement for most disciplines, or can be taken as an elective for some disciplines.